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Unusual/Difficult Items

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(Drill press, generator, etc.)


Please check your list before submitting. A copy will be emailed to your email address after submission.


  • We have a two-hour minimum, and begin billing from the time we leave our staging area until the time we return.
  • We require that customer(s) take in their possession all pharmaceuticals, cash, jewelry, precious stones, or precious metals, important documents or any item of extraordinary value.
  • We reserve the right to...
    • ...refuse service if, in our discretion: your residence is not ready (still being packed upon our arrival, unacceptably dirty, cluttered or inaccessible to our truck); there is a potentially hazardous item.
    • ...add 15% to the labor charge on one or both ends if ...there's a long carry, ...there's more than a 10-foot climb/descent from where the truck is parked, ...there's 20% more items to be moved than was listed,'re not ready as discussed above.
    • ...bring on additional manpower, if in our discretion, this is necessary. This will be charged at the same rate per man as before.
    • ...postpone due to inclement weather.
  • We cannot be responsible for particle board (laminate) furniture under any circumstances. Furniture must be strong enough to bear its own weight and all reasonable rigors of moving...
  • The submission of "The List" by customer is a true and accurate representation of household goods being shipped and will be used to provide a non-binding estimate. Customer acknowledges that the estimate provided by any employee of Starving Artists Moving is non-binding unless otherwise stated.
  • If you choose to provide help with the move, we cannot be responsible for these persons' safety, nor for the items they are assisting with.
  • Our deposit is non-refundable. Final payment is due when services are rendered. For moves going out of county, we need to be paid by cash, credit card or cashier's check. We do not accept third-party checks.
  • We must be informed of any property damage within 3 days. Any disputes will be settled in Douglas County, Kansas, in accordance with its laws. Should it become necessary to commence suit for the recovery of payment, custromer agrees to pay all associated costs, including attorney's fees, whether or not the suit proceeds to judgement, for the recovery of any payment due under this contract. Customer shall also reimburse Starving Artists Moving for all necessary expenses incurred in keeping and maintaining property as a result of customer's delay, no matter the reason.

You must accept these terms
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